Jacob Mehringer, Art Director
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Pendleton: Stories Woven In Wool

Turning memories into woven blankets with the help of Adobe and Pendleton Blankets


memories you can touch,
stories woven in wool

The magic of storytelling goes far beyond the warmth of a campfire. Establishing a unique partnership between a historic blanket brand and a modern tech giant, we created a way for people to remember their favorite moments in a new, imaginative way.


The thought was simple, what if we took the color pallete out of your favorite photos and used it to create a custom Pendleton blanket.

Our research told us that colors help spark memory in people as they age, making these blankets not only beautiful, but also useful.

Our most important moments, captured forever in something tangible.

Something to keep us warm.



Perhaps more than anything else, we need stories.

They keep us warm, inspired, and urge us forward.

They bring back laughter, tears, and everything in-between.

Together, we share them. Keepsakes between generations.

Seeking to keep the tradition alive.

These stories are meant to live on.

Not as a post, or a link or an upload.

Something much more real than that.


Using the Adobe Capture app, customers would have the ability to take the colors out of any photograph and convert the palette into a custom Pendleton blanket.


Further, the blanket tag would come with a programmable NFC chip that when a phone is placed above, would display the original photograph that inspired the blanket.


Adobe Website / Group Pay

To make custom Pendleton blankets more accessible Adobe users can split/crowdsource the cost at adobe.com/stories.




Tommy Woods, Writer
Jacob Mehringer, Art Director
Izzy Kramer, Strategist

This is only a concept for now, no brands were contacted.