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don't be like mike

In a world that preaches for people to play like the best, to "be like Mike", or "dunk like LeBron", we reminded people to play like themselves — to follow no one.


A storied franchise in need of a refresh after years staying in the shadows of their competitor 2K. 

They told us they wanted to do the game differently than it had ever been done before — giving gamers more freedom than ever.

They wanted Live 18 to be an original experience, unlike anything played before, with a lot of company firsts. The first time gamers could play as a woman. The first time game careers weren't bound to the lines of an NBA court, and the first time NBA Live wasn't following in 2K's footsteps.

And that was exactly our message.

In a world where we are told to be like the greatest athletes, we told them they had to think otherwise.

To only look ahead, and Follow No One.


And to show true originality, we used one of the NBA's most original players and remixed a classic children's song focused on following a leader.

Follow the leader, follow the leader.
You do do do what the leader does.

If he hops you hop
If he skips you skip
If he crawls you crawl
If he scoots you scoot

Follow the leader, follow the leader.
You do do do what the leader—

Follow No One (x4)
If he hops you'll drive
If he skips you'll amaze
If he falls you defy
If he's loose, you're fly.
Follow No One (x4)


follow no one


Launch trailer


Agency: Johannes Leonardo
Leo Premutico, Founder & CCO
Jan Jacobs, Founder & CCO
Mike Blanch, CD
Omid Amidi, ACD
Lucas Tristo, ACD
Tommy Woods, Jr. Copywriter
Jacob Mehringer, Jr. Art Director
Michelle Moscone, Director of Creative Services
JT Shults, Project Manager
Mark Aronson, Head of Strategy
Meg Piro, Head of Comms Strategy
Dana May, Head of Production
Danica Rosen, Sr. Integrated Producer
Emily Wilcox, Head of Account Management
Squeak E' Clean, Sound Design