We’re encouraged to find our independence from the moment we are born — yet those who are truly the happiest have always been interdependent.




Generation after generation has been built on the idea that happiness and success comes from independence. We wanted to prove otherwise.

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We were heavily influenced by Terrance Malick’s Tree of Life, contrasting macro universe moments against micro everyday moments. This metaphor helped emphasize the importance placed on small moments often forgotten that seemingly have a massive impact on our lives.

The sun racing across the moon contrasts a lightbulb being replaced by a daughter helping her elderly father. The rotation of the earth is contrasted against a spinning bike tire as a father teaches his son how to fix his bicycle.

The night sky is contrasted against the bubbles in the ocean as a father holds his sons hand as they swim — and brick red cathedral-like canyon is contrasted against tree roots as a brother and sister play hide and seek.

Each macro moment plays into a micro moment, that left viewers realizing their small actions have a cosmic effect, both on their lives, and the lives of those they love. In a life that seemingly encourages independence — it’s those who live in dependence that find true happiness.

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Creative Credits:
Leo Premutico, CCO
Jan Jacobs, CCO
Kasia Canning, Creative Director
Junior Copywriter: Tommy Woods
Junior Art Director: Jacob Mehringer
Junior Copywriter: Amanda Kim
Director: Brent Harris
DP: Jody Lee Lipes
Line Producer: Ed Callaghan
Colorist: Tim Masick/Co3

My role: Jr. Art Director / Support