Jacob Mehringer, Art Director

The Endangered Mascot

Incentivizing new public schools to adopt an endangered animal as a mascot, giving it purpose and helping to create change.


saving endangered sea life one mascot at a time


Nearly 30% of all school mascots in the U.S. are made up of just three animals; Bears, Eagles, and Panthers. What if we changed the status quo and created mascots with meaning?

Introducing the Endangered Mascot Initiative, a partnership with adidas and Parley that encourages schools to adopt an endangered sea animal as its official school mascot.


Schools that opt into the program receive custom adidas apparel in partnership with Parley that is made of recycled ocean trash.

Furthermore, Adidas will handle the design of the school logo, jerseys and even introduce new curriculum on endangered sea life with the help of Parley,



Tommy Woods, Copywriter
Jacob Mehringer, Art Director 

This is only a concept for now, no brands were contacted.
If you would like to help bring this life let us know.