After their first absence from the World Cup in 30 years, we needed to inspire the future of U.S. soccer by reminding the youth to play with creativity and imagination.

2017 was a heartbreaking year for U.S. Soccer: the country failed to qualify for the World Cup for the first time since 1986.


This failure highlighted a bigger problem, the way the US views the beautiful game is outdated and elitist..Unlike their competitors, US players believe that grass and turf are the only surfaces they should play on.

So we propose a different perspective to the future stars of the sport -- to reframe the urban environment around them as a perfect place to practice and train, and rank something even higher than winning -- creativity. Only then will we return to the world’s biggest stage.

In "Imagination", we showcase the power of this perspective with one of adidas and US soccer’s rising stars, Gio Reyna.

Pedestrians become defenders, a basketball court becomes a field to play on, and a freeway underpass becomes shooting gallery, all of this pushing young athletes to unleash speed and adopt a new field -- the city around them.


Featuring a new take on Gene Wilder’s classic track from Willy Wonka.

Scored to an original, gritty take of Gene Wilder’s classic Pure Imagination, Reyna’s creativity and imagination meld with reality as he turns his city, which features artwork from illustrator and soccer enthusiast Geoff Gouveia, into his playground. In the final moments of the film Reyna has a vision of where his perspective will lead him; into the starting US lineup of a future World Cup. When he returns back to reality he realizes one thing. Creativity Is The Answer.



We then had la artist Geoff Gouveia create a unique set of soccer symbols to reflect the current state of soccer in the u.s. — then we scattered them through out our film.




Then Geoff customized 50 X Cleats with the artwork he made for the film and we sent them out into the world along in a customized shoe box to remind young athletes that creativity is the answer.


Each shoe box came with a hand-signed artwork print as well as a manifesto that explained the importance of creativity within the world of soccer.

The boxes had a mirror built in so that as the young influencers and athletes opened the lid they would see themselves and the words "Creativity Is The Answer"


Behind the scenes look with artist Geoff Gouveia.


Singer/artist Action Bronson holding up our custom made Geoff Gouveia cleats at the NYC Tango event.